Looking towards new linguistic horizons


Slide LANGUAGE COURSES Would you like to learn a foreign language?

Would you like to talk with your customer in their mothertongue or understand and be understood while travelling?

It’s never too late.

A custom-made programme, for you.

If you are an individual or company and you’d like to start the wonderful journey of studying a foreign language, I can hel you with group classes and customised English, Fresh and Italian lessons.

Based on my BA’s degree final dissertation on the use of music for teaching, my languages classes follow an innovative method, which combines the traditional learning techniques with practical and versatile exercises.

From the first class, you can communicate and  hear in another language and want to dive into the foreign language completely.

You will discover how a song can help to improve your pronunciation, remember new vocabulary and study literature.

Bye-bye boredom!


With dialogues,  songs and a role play, the class will be captivating.
Learning another language has never been so enjoyable.

Would you like to know more about the language courses I offer? Get in touch.