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Slide INTERPRETING Are you meeting with a foreign customer who does not speak your language and you’re afraid of looking bad?

Don't panic, I am here to help.

Entrust a professional, qualified interpreter who takes care of every aspect of your communication – so that you can be successful.

I need an interpreter.
What should I do?

I recommend that you call me either on Skype or in person, if you are near Milan. I’ll carefully listen to your needs and advise about the most suitable interpreting solution. If you are looking for a professional qualified interpreter in other languages, I can contact colleagues who will be glad to help!

Once the interpretation assignment is confirmed, I’ll study the material you have sent me. On the event day, I will be on site at least 30 minutes beforehand to confirm that everything is ready. Then I’ll turn your thoughts into words.

My expertise as an ENGLISH, FRENCH and ITALIAN Interpreter covers various contexts: exhibitions, business courses, congresses, seminars, twinning programmes, book presentations and other events.

If you want a free quote or to learn something more about the interpretation services I offer, get in touch.